1000 Gecs - LP (Gul Vinyl)

100 Gecs
Udgivelses år
2019 / 2020
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Piss yellow vinyl!

1.745 sticky [2:21]
2.money machine [1:54]
3.800db cloud [2:20]
4.I Need Help Immediately [1:21]
5.stupid horse [2:01]
6.xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx [2:54]
7.ringtone [2:23]
8.gecgecgec [2:23]
9.hand crushed by a mallet [2:06]
10.gec 2 Ü [3:17]

100 gecs is the groundbreaking pop duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, who planted their flag on the proverbial pop culture moon with their 2019 debut album 1000 gecs.

The innovative project captured the hearts of fans and critics alike with The New York Times calling it, “Some of the savviest pop music of the year,” and Interview Magazine suggesting that it is, “A blueprint for what pop music might sound like in the year 2050.”

In just a few months the band went from playing their first concert from inside the video game Minecraft to selling out shows across the country, proving that their rabid fanbase doesn’t only exist in the far corners of the internet.

1000 gecs saw release in May on Brady’s Dog Show label, and the duo is currently affiliated with Diplo’s always-trending Mad Decent imprint as well. But they’re not for everyone, and that might be an understatement. Brady and Les’ ability to turn on various sonic and thematic dimes—to describe a loving exchange between two long-distance paramours one minute and brag about being addicted to Monster energy drinks the next—can be disorienting. Even at their most accessible, 100 gecs sound like a bunch of fireworks stuffed into a fax machine, or human beings singing in the key of dial-up. They traffic in pure and uncut absurdity, but even their most outrageous moments radiate a strange sincerity—the kind that could only come from two denizens of a perpetually logged-on generation. (Pitchfork)

Produktnavn 1000 Gecs - LP (Gul Vinyl)
Varenummer 0075678647031
Dato (Nyheder) 2020-11-13 00:00:00
Kunstner 100 Gecs
Pladeselskab Dog Slow Records
Udgivelses år 2019 / 2020
Musik Genre Rock/Pop
Tilstand Ny
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