And I Return To Nothingness - LP+CD (Hvid Vinyl)

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Lorna Shore
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LP, Vinyl, CD, Album, Limited Edition, Etching On Side B, White
Release 17/12/21

For LORNA SHORE, the triumvirate of songs at the heart of "... And I Return to Nothingness" are nothing short of an exorcism - and a plunge into something darker. From orchestral passage that opens the EP's title track, straight into a bombast of blackened intensities and rampaging grandeur, these New Jersey-born extremists are back, rising from the askes like a phoenix. Reborn and sworn to the dark. A coming fire that even the LORNA SHORE faithful will be stunned by.

What LORNA SHORE arrived at was a new level of blackened technicality and the next step in their darkside journey. Embellished with artwork by noted Polish painter Mariusz Lewandowski (Bell Witch, Fuming Mouth) "... And I Return to Nothingness" reaffirms LORNA SHORE's creative focus and intensity. The EP's three tracks: "To the Hellfire", "Of the Abyss" and the title track are proof that LORNA SHORE isn't just continuing their fiery legacy. They're reigniting it and spectacularly setting their very legacy ablaze.

"... And I Return to Nothingness" is available as coloured LP+CD with etching on Side B

1. LP
To the Hellfire
Of the Abyss
...and I Return to Nothingness
Etching on Side B

2. CD
To the Hellfire
Of the Abyss
...and I Return to Nothingness
Produktnavn And I Return To Nothingness - LP+CD (Hvid Vinyl)
Varenummer 0194399305713
Dato (Nyheder) 2021-10-13 00:00:00
Kunstner Lorna Shore
Pladeselskab Century Media
Udgivelses år 2021
Musik Genre Heavy Metal
Tilstand Ny
Cover tilstand N/A
Plade tilstand N/A
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