Angstkrig - CD

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Angstkrig's new album 'Angstkrig' took shape in the final days of the pandemic, where the band found a big source of creativity in the free space of the lock down. But as society reopened, everyday life and its many commitments hit hard, and the mental challenges increased once the tempo of the world once again gained speed. Both music and lyrics were written in and by a mind under pressure, and the process was a fight in itself, a war and a concrete manifestation of the album's lyrical focus: The modern world's inhuman pressure upon the humans. 'Angstkrig' is basically about the strain, which the modern world inflicts on modern humans and the mental consequences this pressure has for many - as well as the pragmatic need to resist and handle this pressure, which arises. The songs are examples of situations where the pressure sets in and mental breakdowns occur. For example, are the songs 'Luk Dine Øjne' ('Close Your Eyes) og 'Uro' ('Unrest') two very personal stories, where the latter is a compositorial attempt at capturing the essence of an anxiety attack.

1 Angstskríg, feat. Mendel - Vishedens Ulidelige Lethed
2 Angstskríg, feat. Nils Courbaron - Luk Dine Øjne
3 Angstskríg, feat. Jøden - Midt i en Angstkrig
4 Angstskríg, feat. Carl Mörner Ringström - Kaprede Sind
5 Ulægelige Sår
6 Enegangens Overlæs
7 Uro
Produktnavn Angstkrig - CD
Varenummer 7350049518817
Dato (Nyheder) 2023-03-17 00:00:00
Kunstner Angstkrig
Pladeselskab Despotz
Udgivelses år 2023
Musik Genre Heavy Metal, Dansk
Tilstand Ny
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