Best Years 1974-2014 | The 40th Anniversary Collection - 3CD+DVD

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Richard Clapton
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3 x CD, DVD

Tracklist below...

CD1-01 Last Train To Marseilles 3:24
CD1-02 Prussian Blue 5:42
CD1-03 Blue Bay Blues 4:44
CD1-04 Throw Me Down A Line 3:10
CD1-05 Girls On The Avenue 3:18
CD1-06 Please Come Home 3:35
CD1-07 Need A Visionary 4:03
CD1-08 Casanova's Got The Blues 5:58
CD1-09 Need A Visionary 3:41
CD1-10 Suit Yourself 3:40
CD1-11 Highway One #2 5:15
CD1-12 Capricorn Dancer 3:26
CD1-13 Deep Water 5:28
CD1-14 Down In The Lucky Country 3:42
CD1-15 Goodbye Tiger 5:53
CD1-16 Wintertime In Amsterdam 6:06
CD1-17 Steppin' Across The Line 4:08
CD1-18 The Ghost Train (Demo) 4:31
CD2-01 Sometimes The Fire 7:28
CD2-02 Get Back To The Shelter 3:56
CD2-03 Dark Spaces 5:56
CD2-04 The Best Years Of Our Lives 5:08
CD2-05 I Am An Island 5:03
CD2-06 The Universal 4:33
CD2-07 Walk On Water 4:32
CD2-08 Amsterdam 5:12
CD2-09 Goodbye Barbara Ann 4:48
CD2-10 Thorn In My Saddle (Live) 8:39
CD2-11 Trust Somebody 4:22
CD2-12 Glory Road 4:33
CD2-13 Angelou 4:06
CD2-14 Ace Of Hearts (Live) 4:39
CD2-15 Distant Thunder 5:28
CD3-01 Oceans Of The Heart 4:35
CD3-02 Real Love 5:34
CD3-03 That Moon 5:15
CD3-04 Love Is Strong 4:12
CD3-05 Diamond Mine 5:22
CD3-06 What Does It Take To Get Lucky? 5:07
CD3-07 Great Ocean Road (Demo) 3:48
CD3-08 Liberty Bell (Rewired Version) 4:22
CD3-09 Katy's Leaving Babylon (Rewired Version) 3:37
CD3-10 High Society (Rewired Version) 3:33
CD3-11 Heart On The Nightline (Rewired Version) 3:10
CD3-12 Blue Skies 6:28
CD3-13 Vapour Trails 6:31
CD3-14 Blow Smoke Up At The Moon 3:30
CD3-15 Dancing With The Vampires 5:04
CD3-16 Sunny Side Up 4:18
CD3-17 Strings & Wood (Demo) 4:37
DVD The Best Years Of Our Loves Featuring
DVD-01 Intro 1:43
DVD-02 Deep Water 5:01
DVD-03 Girls On The Avenue 4:01
DVD-04 Capricorn Dancer 3:21
DVD-05 Ralph On Cold Chisel 0:48
DVD-06 Trust Someone 4:28
DVD-07 High Society 4:38
DVD-08 Ralph On INXS 0:52
DVD-09 Ace Of Hearts 4:53
DVD-10 Blue Bay Blues 4:13
DVD-11 Angelou 4:03
DVD-12 Katy's Leaving Babylon 2:28
DVD-13 Ralph On Venetta Fields 1:44
DVD-14 Ralph On Michael & Kirk 0:24
DVD-15 Goodbye Tiger 7:05
DVD-16 Down In The Lucky Country 4:30
DVD-17 I Am An Island 6:00
DVD-18 Glory Road 5:24
DVD-19 The Best Years Of Our Lives 4:30

Titel Best Years 1974-2014 | The 40th Anniversary Collection - 3CD+DVD
Varenummer 9397601001170
Kunstner Richard Clapton
Pladeselskab Festival Records
Udgivelses år 2014
Musik Genre Rock/Pop
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Cover tilstand N/A
Plade tilstand N/A
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