Blood - HDCD (Deluxe)

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This Mortal Coil
Udgivelses år
1990 / 2018
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CD, HDCD, Album, Limited Edition, Deluxe Edition, Reissue

The last of three albums by 4ad boss Ivo Watts-Russell and friends is another smooth collage of arty, sophisticated pop. Long and sprawling, it follows their familiar pattern of covers of semi-obscure songwriter's songs, linked by short instrumental passages. as in regular singer-songwriter music, the songs all have an intimate feel, putting the singer right up front at the centre. but it's far too other-worldly to be called folky. From start to finish, the songs and instrumentals are backed with ethereal washes of sound, varying from slinky string sections, floaty synths. shoegazing fuzz to industrial clanking.

The Lacemaker (4:06)
Mr. Somewhere (2:52)
Andialu (3:03)
With Tomorrow (2:40)
Loose Joints (2:26)
You And Your Sister (3:14)
Nature's Way (3:19)
I Come And Stand At Every Door (3:54)
Bitter (6:25)
Baby Ray Baby (2:13)
Several Times (3:12)
The Lacemaker II (1:24)
Late Night (3:03)
Ruddy And Wretched (3:15)
Help Me Lift You Up (5:05)
Carolyn's Song (3:47)
D.D. And E. (0:47)
'Til I Gain Control Again (4:43)
Dreams Are Like Water (8:37)
I Am The Cosmos (4:05)
(Nothing But) Blood (4:04)
Titel Blood - HDCD (Deluxe)
Varenummer 0652637300628
Kunstner This Mortal Coil
Pladeselskab 4AD
Udgivelses år 1990 / 2018
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Indie/Alternative, Punk/Garage, Electronic
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Cover tilstand N/A
Plade tilstand N/A
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