Bottle It In - 2LP (Blå vinyl)

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Kurt Vile
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Release: 12. oktober 2018

Kurt Vile is back with his first record in three years, the eclectic and electrifying Bottle It In, which he recorded at various studios around America over two very busy years, during sessions that usually punctuated the ends of long tours or family road trips.
Blue 2LP *Indies exclusive

1. Loading Zones
2. Hysteria
3. Yeah Bones
4. Bassackwards
5. One Trick Ponies
6. Rollin With The Flow
7. Check Baby
8. Bottle It In
9. Mutinies
10. Come Again
11. Cold Was The Wind
12. Skinny Mini
13. (bottle back)
Produktnavn Bottle It In - 2LP (Blå vinyl)
Varenummer 744861114680
Dato (Nyheder) 2018-09-12 00:00:00
Kunstner Kurt Vile
Pladeselskab Matador
Udgivelses år 2018
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Indie/Alternative
Tilstand Ny
Cover tilstand N/A
Plade tilstand N/A
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