Dimensions Of Horror - MC

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Cassette, Album, Limited Edition

After exploding onto the death metal scene in 2015 with their Leprosy-inspired full-length debut Savage Land, death metal wrecking crew GRUESOME (featuring current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, and Derketa) returns in 2016 with a new EP entitled Dimensions Of Horror. Self-produced by the band and recorded with Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation Studios in Orlando, FL, Dimensions of Horror is a gruesome salute to DEATH's iconic Scream Bloody Gore and once again features cover art by the legendary Ed Repka (DEATH, Atheist, Massacre). A six-song slab of grisly, bone-breaking death metal jams, Dimensions Of Horror continues the development of GRUESOME's homage to the founding fathers of the genre and proves that no matter the decade, old-school death metal is always relevant, always savage, and always irresistible.

1. Forces Of Death 03:57
2. Raped by Darkness 03:06
3. Amputation 02:32
4. Hellbound 03:52
5. Seven Doors 02:23
6. Dimensions of Horror 03:46
Titel Dimensions Of Horror - MC
Varenummer 781676733996
Kunstner Gruesome
Pladeselskab Relapse
Udgivelses år 2016
Musik Genre Heavy Metal
Tilstand Ny
Cover tilstand N/A
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