Early Daze - LP

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse
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Release : 28/6/24

This new collection of Neil Young with Crazy Horses; earliest recordings include several original versions that have not been released before, and along with the 7-inch Mono mix that was released in 1970 that includes a guitar outro not on LP version not on original LP version.

All the songs on EARLY DAZE sound and feel like a new beginning for where rock & roll was going at the end of the 1960s.

The tide was turning on some of the psychedelic experimentation of the San Francisco bands, and moving towards a style of intricate songwriting and bands that were able to take the beginnings of folk-rock and find new ways to let it explode in different settings.

Neil Young with Crazy Horse were leading the charge in this completely expressive style of new music. It opened doors for a wide variety of new styles, and allowed a whole generation of musicians to find a new way forward. In many ways, that achievement

Side One:
1. Dance Dance Dance (Included on Neil Young - Archives Vol. I.)
2. Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown (Unreleased version)
3. Winterlong (Unreleased version)
4. Everybody’s Alone (Different mix included on Archives Vol. I)
5. Wonderin’ (Unreleased version)

Side Two:
1. Cinnamon Girl (Original 7” Mono mix. Released April 20, 1970. Includes guitar outro not on LP ersion.)
2. Look At All The Things (Unreleased version)
3. Helpless (Unreleased version)
4. Birds (Unreleased stereo mix). Mono mix was released as B-side to “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”)
5. Down By The River (Unreleased version with alternate vocals)
Titel Early Daze - LP
Varenummer 0093624850892
Kunstner Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Pladeselskab Reprise
Udgivelses år 2024
Musik Genre Rock/Pop
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