Everyone's Crushed (Indie Exclusive Edition) - LP (Rød Vinyl)

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Water From Your Eyes
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LP, Limited Edition, Indie Exclusive Edition On Red Vinyl

Life is horribly dark right now. And yet, it is not unfunny.

That’s the sentiment that animates Water From Your Eyes on their new album, and first for Matador, ‘Everyone’s Crushed,’ out May 26. On the follow-up to the Brooklyn duo’s 2021 breakthrough, ‘Structure,’Rachel Brown (they/them) and Nate Amos (he/him) find silliness and fatalism dancing in a frantic lockstep, using heart palpitating rhythms and absurdist, deadpan lyrics to convey stories of personal and societal unease. Described by Brown as Water From Your Eyes’ most collaborative record ever, it’s a swollen contusion of an album: experimental pop music that’s pretty and violent, raw and indelible.

1. Structure
2. Barley
3. Out There
4. Open
5. Everyone's Crushed
6. True Life
7. Remember Not My Name
8. 14
9. Buy My Product
Titel Everyone's Crushed (Indie Exclusive Edition) - LP (Rød Vinyl)
Varenummer 0191401193009
Kunstner Water From Your Eyes
Pladeselskab Matador
Udgivelses år 2023
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Indie/Alternative, Electronic
Tilstand Ny
Cover tilstand N/A
Plade tilstand N/A
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