Falling In Love In Maastricht - DVD

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André Rieu
Udgivelses år
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Ny DVD fra André Rieu (and his Johann Strauss Orchestra) udgivet i november 2016!

Is there a more beautiful feeling in life? When you fall in love your cheeks flush, your heart beats faster and your head starts spinning... but you are as happy as one can be. Like they say in Dutch: having butterflies in your belly!

The wonderful thing about falling in love is it’s not only another woman or man you can fall in love with. I remember very well, when my grandchildren were born, I immediately fell in love with those precious and wonderful little human beings! I wanted to hug and kiss them all the time.

Whenever I look at my audience during the Maastricht concert I get the feeling that everybody is in love! People seem so happy! Not only are they singing along with all their heart but they’re constantly hugging and kissing each other, forgetting all the rest of the world.

And that’s all due to the fantastic magical power of music!

32 tracks and 151 minutes!
Titel Falling In Love In Maastricht - DVD
Varenummer 602557149081
Kunstner André Rieu
Pladeselskab Universal
Udgivelses år 2016
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Easy Listening
Tilstand Ny
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