On Top Of Everything - More B sides - 4LP (Farvet Vinyl & Signeret Bokssæt)

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Ocean Colour Scene
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Release: 16/8/24

All beginnings start with a name. And so, in October 1989, Simon Fowler, Steve Cradock, Damon Minchella and Oscar Harrison sat down together, chose their three favourite words, arranged them in a satisfactory order and became Ocean Colour Scene. Thirty- five years on, and Ocean Colour Scene are still together: making music and regularly selling out huge concert halls across the country. They have the support of an extraordinarily dedicated and loyal fan base who cherish their music and hold close to their hearts a lifetime of memories supporting the group. This latest boxset continues Demon Records’ ongoing celebration of one of Britain’s finest bands and for this edition we present a treasure trove of lesser-known Ocean Colour Scene classics.

Within this 4LP set you’ll find four discs filled to the brim with all the B-sides and rarities release by OCS over the course of their career thus far. Running in chronological order you’ll find tracks such as the Free inspired ‘So Sad’ and ‘ Men Of Such Opinion ’ (Simon’s favourite self-written lyric),’ I Need A Love Song’ and ‘Justine’ – the B-side tracks to the OCS classic The Day We Caught The Train single, ‘On The Way Home’ taken from the Travellers Tune 1997 release, Expensive Chair & Mariners Way which feature P.P. Arnold and ‘Hello Monday’ which is from the Hundred Mile High City single.

The artwork is an outtake from the iconic Tony Briggs shot from the single The Day We Caught The Train. This box set is put together in full coordination with the band, all of these tracks have been remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering and now pressed on limited edition 140g colour vinyl. Complete with signed insert.


LP1: B-Sides 1991 to 1997
A1. Another Girl’s Name (03:23)
A2. Fly Me (04:33)
A3. No One Says (05:02)
A4. Mona Lisa Eyes (03:41)
A5. My Brother Sarah (02:43)
A6. Flowers (04:02)
B1. The Seventh Floor (05:04)
B2. Men Of Such Opinion (03:22)
B3. So Sad (04:19)
B4. I Need A Love Song (02:08)
B5. Justine (03:33)
B6. Falling To The Floor (03:56)

LP2: B-Sides 1997 to 1999
C1. Hello Monday (03:42)
C2. The Face Smiles Back Easily (03:22)
C3. All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes (03:29)
C4. On The Way Home (02:21)
C5. Song For The Front Row (03:01)
C6. On And On (02:13)
C7. The Best Bet On Chinaski (02:59)
D1. Expensive Chair (03:46)
D2. Going Nowhere For A While (03:30)
D3. Mariners Way (03:18)
D4. Flood Tide Rising (03:34)
D5. If You Get Your Way (03:07)
D6. Hoping You’re Making It Too (03:50)

LP3: B-Sides 2001 to 2003 D7. The Inheritors (04:13)
E1. Take You Back (04:08)
E2. These Are The Ones (02:57)
E3. Free On The Wind (03:24)
E4. I Was (03:00)
E5. Best Friends And Lovers (02:43)
E6. Come Home (03:18)
E7. I Wanna See The Bright Lights Tonight (02:51)
F1. Me, I’m Left Unsure (04:53)
F2. Questions (02:41)
F3. Will You Take Her Love (03:17)
F4. I Never Believed It Too (02:59)
F5. Perfect Stranger (02:56)
F6. St. Cecilia (04:09)
F7. We Rise (02:22)

LP4: B-Sides 2005 to 2018
G1. Better Than Before (03:44)
G2. Jimmy Wonder (02:50)
G3. Right On Time (02:38)
G4. Little Boy Could Be A Rolling Stone (02:26)
G5. William Bailey (03:16)
G6. Dawn Cried The Day (02:25)
H1. Come Up And See Me (05.10)
H2. Old, Old Song (02.54)
H3. Shooting The Bridge (03:00)
H4. Another Bard May Chant (02:23)
H5. Be With You (02:17)
H6. Because You’re Mine (01:37)
H7. Standing In The Place
H8. That You Used To Do (03:40)
Titel On Top Of Everything - More B sides - 4LP (Farvet Vinyl & Signeret Bokssæt)
Varenummer 5014797911239
Kunstner Ocean Colour Scene
Pladeselskab Demon Records Box Set
Udgivelses år 2024
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Indie/Alternative
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