Pompeii - LP (Gul Vinyl)

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Le Bon Cate
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LP, Vinyl, Album, Limited Edition, Yellow
Release 4/2/22

Pompeii, Cate Le Bon’s sixth full-length studio album and the follow up to 2019’s Mercury-nominated Reward, bears a storied title summoning apocalypse, but the metaphor eclipses any “dissection of immediacy,” says Le Bon. Not to downplay her nod to disorientation induced by double catastrophe — global pandemic plus climate emergency’s colliding eco-traumas resonate all too eerily. “What would be your last gesture?” she asks. But just as Vesuvius remains active, Pompeii reaches past the current crises to tap into what Le Bon calls “an economy of time warp” where life roils, bubbles, wrinkles, melts, hardens, and reconfigures unpredictably, like lava—or sound, rather. Like she says in the opener, “Dirt on the Bed,” Sound doesn’t go away / In habitual silence / It reinvents the surface / Of everything you touch.

Enter Le Bon’s signature aesthetic paradox: songs built for Now miraculously germinate from her interests in antiquity, philosophy, architecture, and divinity’s modalities. Unhinged opulence rests in sonic deconstruction that finds coherence in pop structures, and her narrativity favors slippage away from meaning. In “Remembering Me,” she sings:* In the classical rewrite / I wore the heat like / A hundred birthday cakes / Under one sun.* Reconstituted meltdowns, eloquently expressed. This mirrors what she says about the creative process: “as a changeable element, it’s sometimes the only point of control… a circuit breaker.” She’s for sure enlightened, or at least more highly evolved than the rest of us. Hear the last stanza on the album closer, “Wheel”: I do not think that you love yourself / I’d take you back to school / And teach you right / How to want a life / But, it takes more time than you’d tender. Reprimanding herself or a loved one, no matter: it’s an end note about learning how to love, which takes a lifetime and is more urgent than ever.

1 Dirt On The Bed 4:28
2 Moderation 4:04
3 French Boys 5:14
4 Pompeii 4:35
5 Harbour 4:08
6 Running Away 5:43
7 Cry Me Old Trouble 5:04
8 Remembering Me 4:34
9 Wheel 5:28
Produktnavn Pompeii - LP (Gul Vinyl)
Varenummer 0184923131536
Dato (Nyheder) 2022-01-14 00:00:00
Kunstner Le Bon Cate
Pladeselskab Mexican Summer
Udgivelses år 2022
Musik Genre Rock/Pop, Indie/Alternative
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Cover tilstand N/A
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