The Dark Side of the Moon Redux - CD

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Roger Waters
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Release: 6/10/23

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary year of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, Roger Waters
announces the release of his homage to the original, ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux’

Waters says ‘when we recorded the stripped down songs for the Lockdown Sessions, the
50th anniversary of the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon was looming on the horizon. It
occurred to to me that The Dark Side Of The Moon could well be a suitable candidate for a
similar re-working, partly as a tribute to the original work, but also to re-address the political
and emotional message of the whole album. I discussed it with Gus and Sean, and when
we’d stopped giggling and shouting ‘You must be ****ing mad’ at one another we decided to
take it on. It’s turned out really great and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It’s not a
replacement for the original which, obviously, is irreplaceable. But it is a way for the seventy
nine year old man to look back across the intervening fifty years into the eyes of the twenty
nine year old and say, to quote a poem of mine about my Father, “We did our best, we kept
his trust, our Dad would have been proud of us”. And also it is a way for me to honor a
recording that Nick and Rick and Dave and I have every right to be very proud of.’

As founding member, lyricist, and principal composer of Pink Floyd during the band’s most
influential and creative period, Roger Waters has achieved global success and global
Waters co-founded Pink Floyd in the mid-1960s. Under Waters’ guidance, Pink Floyd made
a series of best-selling albums during the 1970s, of which the most successful and iconic
were The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. Roger
Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985 and is now one of the most successful solo artists in the world.


1. Speak to Me
2. Breathe
3. On the Run
4. Time
5. Great Gig in the Sky
6. Money
7. Us and Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse
Titel The Dark Side of the Moon Redux - CD
Varenummer 711297395723
Kunstner Roger Waters
Pladeselskab Cooking Vinyl
Udgivelses år 2023
Musik Genre Rock/Pop
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